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Smoking on cruise ships poses both a health hazard from secondhand smoke exposure and a risk of fires.

If you are taking a cruise, when you book, ask for a nonsmoking cabin and express your desire for the line to adopt a 100% smokefree policy. Customer feedback is the driving force behind cruise lines adoption of smokefree policies.

Kevin Sheehan, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, stated in regard to his company's decision to make cabins smokefree, "It got to the point where we were getting enough of a feel from our guests saying, 'We're sensitive to the smell, secondhand smoke is becoming more of an issue and we think you as part of the industry need to step back and reevaluate things.'"

Princess Cruises attributed its decision to make cabins and balconies smokefree to"...changing customer preferences and the move around the globe – from North America to Europe – to further restrict at areas where smoking is allowed."

In August 2011, Norwegian Cruise Line announced that it would adopt a smokefree policy for its cabins, although it would continue to permit smoking on balconies, in casinos, in cigar lounges, and in designated areas outside. The policy was set to take effect in January 2012.

In June 2011, Carnival Corp. announced that it would make cabins smokefree on Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines would begin the policy starting immediately with thirteen ships, and expand it to all twenty-three ships in the line on December 1, 2011. The policy would continue to permit smoking on balconies; in dance clubs; in designated areas in casinos; in casino bars; on some portions of open decks; and in jazz clubs.

Holland America Line staterooms will be smokefree beginning on January 15, 2012.

Princess Cruises will make both cabins and balconies smokefree beginning on January 15, 2012.

Other cruise lines with smokefree cabins include Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and the UK's Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, which introduced a totally smoke free indoors environment on all five vessels in the its fleet in early 2009.

The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation has compiled a table of Cruise Line Smoking Policies, updated as of November 12, 2015. Be sure to double-check before booking to make sure the policies are still in effect!



Smokefree News

Seabourn Cruise Line Banning Balcony Smoking
Cruise Fever - July 28, 2016

Another cruise line is banning balcony smoking after Seabourn Cruise Line sent an email to travel agents advising them of upcoming changes to their onboard ...

Regent to do $125 million makeover, drop indoor smoking
USA Today - January 21, 2016

Regent's senior vice president for hotel operations, said removing the smoking lounge is "a test." Depending on guest reaction the lounge may also be removed, and indoor smoking eliminated, on the 700-passenger Seven Seas Voyager and Seven Seas Mariner, …

Every Norwegian Cruise Line Ship to be Refurbed & Other News ... - November 10, 2015

A previous story mentioned that the casino on Escape would be going smoke-free, and those plans will take effect in an upcoming retrofit, leaving the largest ...

See the top 10 cruise innovations of 2014
USA TODAY - December 3, 2014

Smoking bans. This year saw pretty much the end of the concept of using your cabin balcony as your private smoking space. Royal Caribbean, Carnival and ...

Norwegian next in line to impose smoke ban
Bermuda Sun - July 18, 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line announced on Wednesday that guests will no longer be allowed to puff up on balconies, effective November 1. It will also limit smoking in the casino to those who are gambling.

Cruise Lines to End Smoking on Balconies
New York Times (blog) - July 17, 2014

Last week, Carnival Cruise Line announced a change in its smoking policies, ... although most lines still offer public areas outdoors or in casinos to smoke.

Carnival to ban smoking on balconies
USA Today - July 9, 2014

Carnival Cruise Lines will ban smoking on cabin balconies beginning this fall. Smoking is already prohibited in all staterooms. Cruise passengers requested the tougher smoking rules, the line said.

Carnival Cruise Lines Bans Smoking On All Balconies
Cruise Hive - July 8, 2014

Without announcing it to the media and only travel agents, Carnival Cruise Lines is to change its smoking policy by banning smoking on all of its cruise ship balconies starting from October 9th 2014.

If you're smoking while hogging the deck-chairs, you're likely to be ruining somebody's cruise
The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday - June 20, 2014

A study by Cruise Critic has found that... The second biggest gripe was smoking, with 30 per cent angered by the habit.

Cruise trends 2014: Image rehab and new ships
Huffington Post - January 24, 2014

NO SMOKING - More cruise lines are banning smoking on balconies in addition to cabins. After all, if you're a nonsmoker, you don't want smoke from the neighboring verandah blowing back into your room. Disney, Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Crystal are among the lines that no longer permit balcony smoking; Cunard will join them later this year. But most ships still offer some designated smoking areas onboard, which may include decks, casinos and select clubs.

Summary of new Royal Caribbean policies for 2014
Royal Caribbean Blog (blog) - January 24, 2014

Royal Caribbean followed a few other cruise lines in forbidding smoking on ... Smoking in staterooms has been banned for a while but balcony smoking had ...

Should smoking be banned from cruise ship balconies? (press release) - September 6, 2013

LONDON, Sept. 6, 2013 - Results of a poll released today by Cruise Critic (, the worlds largest cruise reviews site and cruise community, reveals that more than half of cruisers feel that smoking should be banned from balconies, and just under a quarter of respondents believe that it should be banned everywhere.

Another cruise line tightens smoking rules
USA TODAY - September 6, 2013

Add MSC Cruises to the list of cruise lines tightening smoking rules -- at least on one ship. The Europe-based cruise operator says it is expanding smoke-free zones on the MSC Divina, which will cater heavily to North Americans when it moves to the Caribbean in November. Effective Nov. 2, when the MSC Divina departs Venice for its new home in Miami, smoking areas on the 3,502-passenger vessel will be limited to just two areas: the Cigar Lounge and the port side of designated outside decks (away from all bars and food areas).

Royal Caribbean bans smoking on cabin balconies
USA TODAY - September 6, 2013

Industry giant Royal Caribbean is the latest cruise line to ban smoking on cabin balconies. The line this week announced the use of cigarettes, cigars and other smoking products on balconies will be forbidden effective Jan. 1, 2014, and customers found in violation will face a $250 penalty. A caveat: The new smoking restrictions will not be enforced on cruises sailing in Asia. Royal Caribbean's move comes in the wake of similar announcements ...

Over half of cruise passengers want an end to smoking on liner ...
Daily Mail - September 6, 2013

Over half of British travellers who regularly book cruises support a ban on passengers being able to smoke on their cabin balconies, according to new research. A survey conducted by cruise reviews website Cruise Critic saw 54 per cent of those questioned say that smoking on balconies even when the balcony belongs to the passengers personal cabin should not be permitted.

MSC Cruises Ups Smoking Policy to Accommodate North American ...
Cruise Critic - September 5, 2013

MSC Cruises has announced it will limit smoking areas aboard MSC ... The Top Sail Lounge, Black and White Lounge and casino all will be ...

Royal Caribbean Becomes Latest Cruise Line to End Balcony ...
Cruise Fever - September 5, 2013

Smoking will still be allowed in the casino, Connoisseur Club, and on the starboard side of outside decks. All but two of the major cruise lines have now adopted ...

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Bans Smoking on Cabin Balconies
TravelersToday - September 5, 2013

Smoking was already banned inside all staterooms, but the cruise line is the latest of several that are starting to ban smoking on the balconies outside of cabins.

Two More Cruise Lines Tighten Smoking Policies
Cruise (The Independent Traveler) - August 17, 2013

A day after Disney Cruise Line announced it will ban balcony smoking beginning February 2014, Seabourn and Cunard Line say they, too, are tightening their smoking policies next year. Like Disney, Cunard will ban cigarette smoking on balconies due ... Seabourn also is tackling electronic cigarettes, permitting them to be used in suites.

Disney Cruise Line adds new limit on smokers
USA TODAY - August 15, 2013

Disney Cruise Line is narrowing the options for smokers on its ships with a new rule that bans lighting up on cabin balconies. The company says the prohibition against cigarettes, cigars and other smoking products on balconies will take effect on Nov. 15, and customers found in violation will face a $250 penalty. Disney never has allowed smoking in the interior part of cabins. In addition, smoking is banned in all interior spaces of Disney's four ships.

Alaska cruise FAQs: Internet, seasickness, tipping and smoking
The Seattle Times (blog) - May 18, 2013

Q: Is there smoking on the ship?

A: Princess’s literature speaks of how it has sharply restricted smoking in response to statistics showing that most passengers are nonsmokers. Smoking is now prohibited in all staterooms — and their balconies, nonsmokers will crow — and most interior spaces except for a few small bars and, of course, the casino. (Smoking and gambling seem to go together.) There are designated smoking areas around the ship. The reality seems a little better for smokers than for nonsmokers. Designated smoking areas are easily found, but elsewhere on ship you’ll be hard pressed to find a single no-smoking sign, so expect to find random smokers just about anywhere out on deck. On Star Princess, a smoking area by the outdoor pool is just upwind of the enclosed (non-smoking) pool area, with a large automatic door the only separation. So a flume of smoke funnels inside every time the door opens — or gets stuck open. Likewise, the casino’s always-open doors allow smoke into the nearby theater and other public areas. For smokers, I give the ship a “B” in terms of how happy you’ll be. For non-smokers, a C .

Another cruise line gets strict with smokers - USA Today
USA TODAY - April 23, 2013

Add Crystal Cruises to the list of lines that are tough on smokers. The luxury operator on Monday announced that it would ban smoking in all indoor areas of its two ships except for Connoisseur Club smoking lounges. Outside smoking will be allowed in a limited number of designated spaces.

Crystal Cruises Bans Most On-Board Smoking
TravelersToday - April 23, 2013

Passenger complaints have led some cruise ships to eliminate smoking sections on board, including Crystal Cruises, who announced Monday that they will ban all indoor area smoking, excluding the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge. Some designated smoking areas on deck will still be allowed, but all smoking in cabins, Crystal Cove lobby lounges and Pulse and Luxe nightclubs are now verboten, according to a recent USA Today article.

New Crystal Cruises non-smoking policy for 2014
Cruise Ship News - April 23, 2013

Over the past year or so we have seen a trend with several cruise lines, and that is a change to their smoking policies. Yesterday saw another added to the list, as the new Crystal Cruises non-smoking policy will come into effect from January 5, 2014. Crystal Cruises is to stop smoking in all indoor areas, such as staterooms and suites, in lobby lounges and nightclubs. The only places where you will be able to smoke is designated areas, but no doubt non-smokers will still find a reason to moan, although in some cases for good reason.

Cruise News Shorts: Smoking Ban Extended, Steaks Prices Go Up ...
Cruise Critic - March 1, 2013

No Smoking Here - There's one less place to smoke onboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises' ships. As part of the line's "ongoing commitment to keep pace with the changing preferences" of its passengers, the line no longer allows smoking in: Stars Lounge on Seven Seas Navigator; Stars Nightclub on Seven Seas Mariner; and Voyager Lounge on Seven Seas Voyager. …

Black Diamond Casino Cruises cancels trips
WPTV- February 19, 2013

If you plan on gambling on the Black Diamond casino cruise ship, all bets are off. The ship, which bills itself as Florida's only full-scale non-smoking casino, has ...

Black Diamond Casino Cruises Begins Sailing from the Port of Palm Beach
The Maritime Executive (FL) - November 20, 2012

The non-smoking casino vessel features more than 250 slot machines, sports book, poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and more; filling a void left when the Palm ...

Another Cruise Line to Ban Smoking in Cabins
Cruise (The Independent Traveler) - June 26, 2012

Citing evolving consumer trends, yet another cruise line has expanded its smoking restrictions. Effective January 1, 2013, upscale operator Silversea Cruises will no longer allow passengers to light up in cabins.

Cruise ship smoking policies still somewhat inconsistent (blog) - June 27, 2012

...For eample, on Carnival and Royal Caribbean ships you can smoke on balconies but not in ... Crystal ships it's the reverse - in ... Silversea latest to ban smoking in cabins ... Two months ago, Cunard banned smoking in cabins.

Tighter tobacco rules on cruises worry e-smokers
Sun-Sentinel - January 12, 2012

By Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel A growing number of smokers are now using electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes to try to kick their tobacco products habit ...

Norwegian cruise line latest to ban smoking
Guests still can light up on balconies
Green Bay (WI) Press-Gazette, 2011-09-18
Written by Wayne T. Price Gannett

Norwegian Cruise Line's announcement last month that it will prohibit smoking in all staterooms starting in January is the latest sign that smoking and cruising aren't going to be a good mix in the future. ...

Half of Cruisers Want Smoking Onboard 'Totally Banned'
Prfire (press release) - August 18, 2011

A further 27% of the respondents said that smokers onboard a cruise ship should be 'assigned designated smoking areas', much like the smoking ban introduced ...

Norwegian latest cruise line to ban smoking in cabins
USA Today - August 9, 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line is changing its smoking policy. Effective in January, passengers will no longer be allowed to smoke in their cabins. ...

Cruise lines get on board with rules on smoking
Vancouver Sun - Phil Reimer - June 29, 2011

Three lines -Princess, Carnival and Holland America, all owned by Carnival Corporation -have recently banned smoking in cabins. The new policies won't happen immediately. The start date for Carnival is Dec. 1, with Princess and Holland America ...

Overhead Bin - No butts about it: Cruise lines restrict smoking
MSNBC, 2011-06-16
Dan Askin, Cruise Critic / Overhead Bin

Citing changing passenger preferences, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America and Princess Cruises have announced more restrictive smoking policies. ...